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Zebra Hybrid Bowstrings

Premium Replacement Bowstring for Compound Bows.

- Incredibly stable, anti-stretch technology
- A precision blend of Vectran and HMPE
- ZS Twist minimizes peep rotation

"Is your bowstring balanced?"

The patented Zebra® ZS Twist®.
One bundle of counter-clockwise twisted strands (the "Z" strands)...

...the other bundle of clockwise twisted strands (the "S" strands)...

...twisted together to form a single, balanced bowstring!

Single-bundle bowstring (unbalanced):
Alignment devices can affect shooting consistency by adding uneven torque to the bowstring.
A single bundle bowstring rotates as you draw and requires rubber tubing to assure peep alignment.

Dual-bundle bowstring (balanced):
The Zebra® ZS Twist® dual bundle bowstring is balanced - it will not rotate as you draw.

String 70" and over $38.95
String under 70" $35.95

Cable Solid Black $27.95
Cable Colored $35.95

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